How To Create A Successful LinkedIn Video Ad


LinkedIn video ads are the latest introduction to the business social network since 2018. But over a short span, they achieved excellent results and immense success for the B2B marketers. 

LinkedIn even helps B2B websites and blogs to drive over 50% of all social traffic. Furthermore, about 80% of B2B prospects on social platforms are from LinkedIn. Almost 91% of marketers consider LinkedIn the best platform for finding qualified leads and quality content. 

So, the point is that creating ads on LinkedIn effectively boosts brand visibility, attracts new buyers, and increases sales. Hence, it is important for brands to customize their video marketing strategies for LinkedIn. 

While quick and unprompted video content is ideal for other social platforms, B2B oriented, professional, and informative videos get the most successful results on LinkedIn. LinkedIn video marketing is incredible, and you must make the most out of it. 

How can you do this? I have listed everything you need to know about LinkedIn video marketing in this informative guide. Read further to learn more. 

LinkedIn Video Ads: Ad Specifications & Ad Details 

Unlike other social platforms, video ads on LinkedIn are relatively new. Moreover, it also offers “sponsored” content such as video ads. However, to make the most of your LinkedIn videos, you should know the ad specifications and features beforehand. Do you still ask these questions yourself?

  • What do LinkedIn video ad specifications mean?
  • How long should my LinkedIn video ads be?
  • How to make the best LinkedIn video ads?

If so, don’t worry – I have got you covered!

Sponsored Video Ads

LinkedIn ads are sponsored local videos that play automatically on a LinkedIn user’s feed. These video ads blend into the user’s feed organically and help you genuinely connect with the target audience. 

These video ads on LinkedIn come as discreet posts and assist a set of unique marketing goals. These comprise everything from brand consideration to brand awareness and lead generation. Likewise, the video ad can be utilized to engage audiences at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

You can create sponsored content campaigns in two ways:

First and foremost, you can be creating ads on LinkedIn with pre-existing video content present on your company page. This significantly means promoting or uplifting videos from your page as video advertisements. 

When uploading a native video on LinkedIn, be sure that only your existing followers and networks will see it. You can distribute and share your video to LinkedIn users outside your followers and boost your reach by advocating your videos as sponsored content.

Second, you can create “direct sponsored content” like other brands. These video ads are not unique; all that makes them different is that they’re created on LinkedIn’s campaign manager directly. They ensure seamless personalization and quick testing of your video ads for target audiences. 

These videos do not appear in your LinkedIn showcase or company page, but they do appear in the LinkedIn feed and other pages of the targeted LinkedIn users (prospects).

LinkedIn Video Ad Specifications 

  • Pixel aspect requirements: 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p
  • Layout: Horizontal
  • Max File Size: 200 Mb
  • Min File Size: 75 Mb
  • Max Video Duration: 30 minutes
  • Min Video Duration: 3 seconds

Best Ways To Optimize Video Ads On LinkedIn 

There’s no definite formula for social media video marketing, and every social platform works differently. To succeed on platforms like LinkedIn, you must tailor and customize your video marketing strategies to meet the audience and platform requirements. 

Here I have listed some best practices to ensure seamless optimization of your LinkedIn video ads. 

1. Optimize The Video For Sound-Off + Subtitles 

With the introduction of the autoplay feature, videos won’t automatically play with sound when a user scrolls through their feed. That’s most likely why more than 85% of social media video ads are viewed on mute. So, video ads that depend on sound to grab the audience’s attention or relay a message are typically ignored. 

There’s nothing to worry about as I’ve got a simple solution. 

Try to keep the video content as visual as possible. Make the most out of visual elements along with storytelling to send out a message that won’t require sound to be understood. Besides boosting your video’s shares and views, these elements make it more accessible. It means they can resonate with wider audiences and boost your brand awareness. 

Moreover, LinkedIn has a closed captioning feature that enables you to upload the videos ads attached with a related SRT file. 

2. Target Video Ads To Reach The Right Set Of Audience

One of the most effective solutions to witness instant higher visibility, engagement, and interaction on your video ads is targeting those ads. 

I know you may be a little confused here. It means customizing the video ads to make sure they align with your specific target audiences and some specific marketing objectives. Before getting anywhere, it’s crucial to know your target audience, and I know two best ways to do this. 

First, leverage the in-app analytic tools of LinkedIn to notice who your main followers are. That will help you segment their demographics along with other features like seniority, job title, industry, and company, for instance. Second, you must know your business’s ideal “buyer persona” or dream audience. 

To map this out, you can take the help of tools like Make My Persona from Hubspot. Once you determine your target audience, leverage the array of targeting options to target your LinkedIn video ads. Begin with specifying the location or the place where you want your video ads to be served or delivered. 

Then, use the following categories to build a specific and custom audience: 

  • Interests: member and groups’ interests
  • Demographics: gender, age
  • Company: followers, connections, industry, name, size
  • Job Experience: job seniority, function, title, years of experience, member skills
  • Education: member schools, fields of study, degrees

To build a similar audience, you can leverage the benefits of “audience expansion” and reach a wider audience. After that, the “Matched audiences” feature by LinkedIn enables you to customize your targeting based on your brand or business data. 

3. Optimizing The Landing Pages For Mobile Usage

If the CTA of your video ads directs the viewers to a landing page, you must ensure it is mobile optimized. Over 63 million LinkedIn users browse and scroll the platform’s feed via mobile devices. So, I think everyone knows that mobile-friendly landing pages are the key to driving more conversions. When optimizing the mobile landing pages, make sure they’re, or they’ve:

  • Simple and minimalistic
  • Specific and focused on the benefits of your products or services
  • A sign-up form (it must be concise and crisp)
  • Testimonials in the form of quotes or videos

Final Words 

Hopefully, with this comprehensive guide, you have gained a concrete idea of how to create a successful LinkedIn video ad for your upcoming video marketing campaigns. I hope you find it a breeze to create one now!