What Is The Cause Of Lymphedema And What Are The Symptoms?


What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is inflammation in the lower limbs due to failure of the lymphatic system and accumulation of cellular waste in lymph vessels. For this we use lymphedema pump.

The main function of the lymphatic system is to transfer proteins in the bloodstream through the network of lymphatic fluid. This fluid also carries infecting wastage from the blood and helps to circulate blood flow in the legs.

If these lymph vessels start clotting and block the passage of the bloodstream then fluid stops doing its function and swelling occurs and in this kind of situation lymphedema compression pumps for legs assist you.

This disease is called lymphedema which is commonly present worldwide but we can get some relief by the use of lymphedema pump.

Facts about Lymphedema

  • This disease affected more than 240 million people around the world in the last few years.
  • 90% of lymphedema cases recorded in the lower limbs of the infected people&lymphedema compression pumps for legs play a vital role in that.
  • This disease occurs more in women as compared to men and children.
  • About 15% of all cases occur due to family lymphedema history.
  • It can be spotted in babies at birth.

Lymphedema Causes

According to international study lower Lymphedemacauses are due to some major factors such as:

  • Old age
  • Immobility
  • Veinous diseases.
  • Obesity
  • Primary Lymphedema

Primary lymphedema is a genetic disease and the main cause of its spread is the formation of lymph vessels.

This disease occurs in 2 of 5000 people, which is rare but still fatal and disturbing for the infected patient. Lymphedema pump are now a days famous for its cure.

The sub-categories of primary lymphedema are Meige and Milroy diseases. The Milroy occurs in new-born babies due to abnormal formation of lymph nodes in an infant’s lower body and Meige is a rare case that was seen during pregnancy or in people after the age of 36.

  • Secondary Lymphedema

The key lymphedema causes of this stage are:

  • Infection

Any skin infection or parasite can boostup the process of secondary lymphedema because the lymphatic fluid will be blocked due to blood clots or injury clots. This was witnessed by doctors who were operating patients in developing countries. And they usually refer lymphedema pump in this case.

  • Radiation for cancer treatment

The excessive use of radiations can increase the rate of lymphatic node formation. This was seen in cancer patients or those people who visitclinics for X-ray scansof their lower limbs without proper guidance from radiologists.

  • Surgery

Knee Injury, a calf injury, and foot injury can cause the spread of lymphedema disease if blood vessels are damaged or professional surgeons perform the surgery with contaminated tools. But for some relief in this case you can be rely on lymphedema pump.


The symptoms are easy to figure out and if they are treated at right time with proper assistance from orthopedics, lymphologists, and radiologists and by proper functioning lymphedema pump then Lymphedema can be reduced at some stage. The symptoms are:

  • Swelling of fingers and toes.
  • The itchy feeling on the upper layer of the skin of your feet.
  • Leg feeling numb or heavy.
  • Irritation feeling on the backside of the leg.
  • Trouble focusing and dizziness.
  • Trouble sleeping at night.
  • Loss of hair and irritation on the head.
  • Thickening of the leg and foot.
  • Swollen hands.
  • Skin rash.
  • Continuous ache and sore knees.
  • Difficulty to wear clothes due to inflammation.
  • Difficulty moving legs while walking.

All of these symptoms don’t occur at one time but they appear slowly and halts your daily activities due to the unhealthy condition of your lower limbs. But you can use lymphedema compression pumps for legs to reduce them.

Lymphedema Treatment

There are many techniques for lymphedema treatment but some key procedures are CT scans, ultrasound therapy, and Lymphoscintigraphy or use of lymphedema pump.

In these therapies,the doctor uses radiations, waves, and fluid injection in the body respectively to detect the lymphatic failure and isolates blockage of lymphatic vessels.

Some of the diagnoses worked but normally the results area mixture of positive and negative.

In recent years U.S doctors researched with biomedical departments and medical universities to create an advanced level lymphedema compression pumps for legs.

Thesecompression pumps or lymphedema pump for legs are made especially for people who are suffering from swollen legs and cannot afford high costly lymphedema treatments from hospitals.

The lymphedema compression pumps for legsis air vacuum garments that are made for legs to produces rhythmic mild pressure to push lymphatic fluid to move freely in the lymphatic system and avoids blood clots.

The air chambers give cycle motion to decrease the swelling and pain in the lower limbs. The lymphedema compression pumps for legscome in various styles and shapes; nowadays they are portable and easily wearable to increase effectiveness.

There is one U.S brand that specifically deals with portable compression pumps and that brand is none other than Medshoola.

Medshoola Lymphedema compression pumps for legs

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Medshoola main features are:

  • Customized garments: They have products which are made especially for patient’s unique requirement.
  • Multiple colors: The garments have a variety of colors and sizes to meet customers’ demands.
  • Clinically proven: The products are FAA-approved and already purchased by many U.S customers.
  • Bilateral treatment: Helps the user to perform compression lymphedema treatment on both legs at one time in minimum time.

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