Use Netflix and MX player for watching the movie Mirzapur


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In the tough times of pandemic, people are not having a lot to do. They are just getting bored at their homes, they can’t even go out and do their favorite. But why go out, when you do your favorite things just by sitting at home only. You cannot go to theaters but to watch movies and have entertainment you can use Netflix and MX Player. There are many movies that you can watch and learn through them but one of the best movies you can invest your time in watching is Mirzapur. All the action and drama movie lovers can try this movie for making their day better. But before watching the movie, it is important for you to know about the movie Mirzapur and index of mirzapur. Continue reading the article and know moreon index of mirzapur amazon.

What is the plot or story of the movie Mirzapur?

Mirzapur is an action and drama movie that is based on the story of a mafia don. In this movie, Akhandanand Tripathi is a millionaire and a mafia don, he is having a great personality in Mirzapur because he is the don of that place only. All the people of Mirzapur get scared from Akhandanand Tripathi. His son, Munna is an undeserving, power-hungry scion who will never stop. He will try his best to get his father’s legacy. During some incident at the wedding cortege forces, he crosses his path from many of the people. The story of index of mirzapur season 1 is very good, to know properly watch it now.

For watching the movie, you can use Netflix and MX Player.

In total there are two seasons of index of mirzapur Netflix and there are around 9 and 10 episodes in both of the seasons. If you are interested to know about the name of episodes in both of the seasons, then below is mentioned everything for you.

Index of mirzapur amazon Season 1: In the first season of Mirzapur, there is a total of 9 episodes. All the episodes are here, have a look.

1: Jhandu

2: Goodha

3: Wafadar

4: Virginity

5: Bhaukal

6: Barfi

7: Loins of Mirzapur

8: Tandav

9: Yogya

Index of mirzapur amazon prime Season 2: The second season of Mirzapur is having around 10 episodes. Yes, one episode more than Season 1. To know about the name of the episodes read from below.

1: Dhenkul

2: Khargosh

3: Viklaang Quota

4: Bhaymukt

5: Langda

6: Ankush

7: Ood Bilaav

8: Chauchak

9: Butterscotch

10: King Of Mirzapur

So, here the article on index mirzapur gets to an end. To have entertainment, you will have to try the Mirzapur movie right now.