Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing Career Opportunities In 2021


Having a marketing budget is essential for every business. However, what is more important, is the right allocation of that budget. If not spent wisely, marketing efforts become equivalent to flushing your money down the drain. The debate over the efficiency of digital marketing and traditional marketing is still prevalent. Many people would like to believe that digital marketing has been taking over traditional marketing and if you want to learn the concepts of digital marketing, check out Digital Marketing Courses In Pune The field of marketing is evolving with time as different businesses even mediums such as newspapers transition to being online. Traditional marketing has been on a decline over the years because of the evolution of smartphones, the internet and the convenience that it provides. If you are confused about which marketing technique better, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss traditional marketing and digital marketing, how both marketing techniques differ and their career prospects in 2021.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has many different forms. For example, traditional marketing techniques include tangible mediums like print ads in magazines or newspapers, business cards. Commercials on TV or radio, brochures, billboards and posters are all part of traditional marketing. Another form of traditional marketing is when people find your business via references or network and become your paying customers. Word of mouth is a conventional marketing technique and helps brands to reach their audience with an offline mode of advertising.

Even though traditional marketing has evolved over the years, the basics still remain the same. The selling technique is based on the four P’s of marketing namely Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Over the years, 3 more P’s were added to the existing 4 Ps in the context of the service industry i.e. People, Processes and Physical evidence.

Needless to say, traditional marketing does not imply it is ancient. Traditional marketing techniques still play an active role in people’s lives with an ever-growing need to step outside the digital world. The immersive experience of an effective TV advertisement and the tactile nature of ad copies on a given magazine is as much important today as it was two decades ago because of the lasting impression they leave on an individual’s memory. It plays an important role in affecting the subconscious mind, making it more emotional than just physical. This results in your brands and offerings stay on top of the mind of your potential customers. Following are some of the pros and cons of traditional marketing.


  • Very effective on older demographics
  • Easy to find ads on newspapers, billboards, or magazines
  • Longevity
  • Easy to understand
  • Effective in targeting the local audience


  • Reaches only local audience
  • Expensive
  • In few cases, results can’t be measured
  • One way and static

Digital Marketing

In simple words, digital marketing is using digital channels such as websites and social media as tools to communicate with the brand’s target audience. If you use social media, you will be familiar with different ads that pop up on your screen – that is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing is pretty much like traditional marketing but with the application on digital devices. Online marketing is a type of inbound marketing, with the goal of having the customers find you instead of you reaching out to them. Marketing a business becomes very easy with digital channels like online organic search, paid search or by writing content like articles or blogs. You can also become an expert in digital marketing with help of Digital Marketing Training In Pune Some of the pros and cons of digital marketing are:


  • More brand awareness
  • More inbound leads
  • More options for engagement
  • Measurable campaigns
  • Clever targeting is possible


  • Digital ads can be perceived as annoying
  • Transient
  • Constantly evolves

Eventually, both marketing techniques have their upsides and downfalls, but the important thing to consider here is the specific marketing needs of a business that will benefit it the most, considering the brand’s budget and understanding your target audience.

Traditional marketing channels are mostly preferred by the Baby Boomer generation and Gen-X people who watch televisions and prefer to read newspapers. However, digital marketing is still an amazingly apt method of marketing for all ages, not just millennials and Gen-Z.

So, finally, the main difference between digital and traditional marketing methods is the medium through which a brand communicates with its target audience. While traditional marketing uses traditional media channels like magazines and newspapers, the digital marketing approach befriends digital channels like social media or websites.

Career Opportunities In Traditional Marketing In 2021

Since traditional marketing involves the promotion of products and services to consumers through research, analysis, branding, and building relationships, you can carve a great career path if you love to find creative ways to gauge interest and promote goods or services to a targeted audience via traditional methods of marketing communication. As a marketer, you will need to possess skills like effective research, communication, teamwork, event coordination, interpersonal relationships and creativity. You can consider opportunities in the following roles as a traditional marketer:

Admissions Representative: As an admission representative, you will be responsible to drive the admissions of an educational institute such as a school or a college. You will need to convince the prospective students and their parent on why it is best for them if they took admission to your institute.

Brand/Product Manager: Brand and product managers are responsible for overseeing all the aspects of marketing a product or a service in any company. A brand manager looks after the branding of a company whereas a product manager makes sure that the product of the company is ahead of the competition in the market.

Event/Meeting Planner: Weddings, training, various meetings and conferences require careful and effective planning to be successful. Your role as an event planner will be to ensure each gathering or event successfully achieves its purpose while the participants have a good time during the congregation.

Marketing Assistants: Marketing professionals often require marketing assistant to support them with their duties and share their workload. It also acts as a good opportunity if you are just starting out and want to learn more. As a marketing assistant, you will need to foresee a lot of things on the behalf of your manager. Good writing and editing skills come in handy along with strong marketing knowledge when applying for a marketing assistant role.

Market Research Analyst: If you have a marketing background with strong quantitative, research and analytical skills, then this role is for you. These professionals carry out assessments on consumer reactions whenever a new product or service is launched into the market.

Public Relations Representative: As a PR representative, you will be required to communicate with your brand’s in the most effective way to influence them positively and leave a lasting impression on them that will benefit your company.

Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing In 2021

A career in Digital marketing has observed an exponential rise in the last decade. Having the internet becoming an important part of our daily at such pace, digital marketing is considered a lucrative career option in 2021 with massive potential for growth. The perks of working in digital marketing are some of the reasons more people would love to join this field of marketing. The industry incorporates a lot of skills in marketing and tech. Advertising for online media translates to having to engage in particular technical matters such as website development and graphics designing. Even someone without a degree in marketing can monetize on their skills in digital marketing. Following are the top positions to consider in digital marketing in 2021:

E-Commerce Marketing: Ecommerce is on the rise because of the advent of online shopping. Consumers are more likely to buy from smartphones than go out and do traditional shopping. Ecommerce marketing enables entrepreneurs to reach and sell to their ideal customers via the internet.

SEO/SEM: Online traffic is critical for any business’s growth. As an expert in SEO/SEM, you will help your brand by improving its ranking across search engines and bringing more traffic and engagement.

Social Media Marketing: Social media started off as a platform for people to connect but has evolved into much more. Social media platforms allow businesses to not just reach out and engage with their customers but also increase their reach locally and globally with paid advertising and you as a social media manager will devise and implement strategies that help your brand achieve just that.

Content Marketing: Content is one of the factors that drives digital marketing. Good content will boost your following and eventually help your brand make those big bucks.

Online Reputation Management: One bad post or content on social media ruins the brand’s hard-earned reputation. Therefore, it is important to have a person make sure the online image of the brand remains intact and grows positively. As an online reputation manager, you will be doing a PR person’s job just a bit differently.

Overall, both marketing techniques offer lucrative career options. However, with the boom in technology, digital marketing is expanding and will continue to do so. If you are planning to make a career in digital marketing or want to master it for personal growth, learn from the experts by checking out the Digital Marketing classes In Pune