Tips To Select The Right Proctoring Software For Your Organization


Online proctored exams are becoming the new normal and traditional exams are a thing of past. To facilitate this proctoring exam, many software is there that provide the facility. The best proctoring software is the one that provides its customer with all the advantages that are present in online proctoring. Buying an online proctoring software is not an easy task and one must do thorough research before choosing the right software for their organization.

Here are some tips that you must go through before choosing the proctoring software for your organization:

  1. Comprehensive

The best software for online proctoring is the one that provides the user with a completely comprehensive platform. A completely comprehensive platform will allow its users to use all types of functionalities in a single software. No organization needs to buy multiple software for multiple exams. A comprehensive software should be able to take different kinds of exams like written exams, MCQ’s based exams, allow uploading of answers etc. Apart from these, a single software should allow all written, oral and video-based exams all at a single platform. It should also provide the feature of compiling the result of the exam and guarantee right marking. It should also be able to regulate the tests and make sure that the candidate is not using any unfair means while taking the test. If all these functions are present in a single software then the organization does not have to juggle between various software and save its time and money. This kind of software is a comprehensive software which is a must-have feature for all the proctoring software.

  1. Scalable

Another important feature to consider before choosing the proctoring software is that it should be scalable. The software should not be robust and confine your organization to allow a particular number of candidates to appear for the test. It should be scalable enough to allow tens of thousands of candidates to take the test at the same time without facing any issues. The proctoring software should not hang or get slow when a large of candidates are taking the test. It should be flexible enough to manage the big-scale students and allow them to take the test seamlessly. Since online tests take place globally, an organization can’t limit the number of people appearing. The software should allow a large scale of candidates to take the test seamlessly. Apart from this, it should also manage the test frame according to different time-zones and take into account the candidates feasibility. If all of this is possible and integrated into a single software, the software is good to go.

  1. Easy Integration

Every institution already has a technology stack that supports the exam procedures of its students. While choosing the proctoring software, it is highly advised to make sure that the software provides the opportunity of easy integration with your existing technology. If not, the proctoring software is not right for your organization. Being an organization, it is not feasible for it to lose all the important information in switching software. It is a big requirement for every organization to choose the software that provides easy integration and makes them end-to-end platforms.

  1. User experience

User experience is one of the most sought features of the proctoring software. The proctoring software should be easy to use, not only for the students but for your organization as well. Nobody would want to waste their time understanding the working of the software before appearing for the exam. This software is made for making life easier and saving time and money. Some of the features that make the user experience superb are messaging platform for instant doubt clearing with teachers, timer for taking time into account, regulating the candidates etc. The software should be compatible with connecting multiple devices at the same time. This improves the performance of the student and provides a better user experience. Along with providing easy to use interface, there should be no glitches while using the software. Software glitches greatly impact the student’s performance as they get distracted and anxious. Therefore, user experience is an important point that should be taken into consideration while choosing the proctoring software for your organization.

  1. Cost

There is much online proctoring software with varying costs in the market. The cost greatly depends on the services that are available in the software. It is always better to spend a little more and get a better performing software than to save a few pennies and buy less featured software. Since proctoring software is a one-time investment, it should be done with care. Your organization needs the best software and nothing less so it is better to buy the best one in a single purchase rather than buying several softwares for different functions. This will just increase the cost price and complexity of the exam conducting the procedure.

  1. Technical support

Make sure that the proctoring software that you are choosing provides the best technical support. Do not just trust blindly into what the sellers tell you. Do your research, ask for reviews and then go for choosing the right one. A 24/7 technical support is necessary when you are dealing with something new and technical issues are bound to happen. With a large-scale people taking the exams, technical issues are bound to happen and it is where the technical support is needed the most where they can resolve the issues at once and the student does not face any problem. The technical support should reply to the ticket quickly and resolve the issues in the time since the exams are time-sensitive. If all these criteria are met, the software has good technical support.

The above-mentioned tips to choose the right proctoring software are important for an organization to know what they are buying. Conducting the online proctored exam can be the easiest task for an organization if the right software is bought. If you are looking for a proctoring software to buy, go through the tips compiled by us. One wants an active Internet, however, the relation for playing such games. Live matches, scores, and stats of players are made available that can encourage people to build a plan and change it accordingly.