Timeless Diamond Engagement Ring Trends that Will Never Go Old


An engagement ring is supposed to stay on your finger for the rest of your life. When something will remain so long with you, reminding you of the beginning of a beautiful new life, why purchase that thing in haste? The brides of today prefer to make bold selections that align with their personality and style statement.

If you’re about to start your life’s new journey and want the best engagement ring to mark its beginning, consider getting a stunning diamond ring. While you can browse here to get a sneak peek at the latest diamond engagement ring designs, we’ve handpicked the best design options that are creating quite a buzz. So go through these gorgeous diamond ring options, and pick the one that best suits all your requirements.

Statement Wedding Bands

Standalone statement wedding bands are here to stay for all the right reasons. These bands exude pleasantly beautiful unisex vibes, are reasonably priced, and are available in various bold designs. For example, you can easily find eternity wedding bands with diamonds encrusted for a royal look. Bands with a big solitaire at the center are also available in varying designs, so you don’t have to worry about choosing from limited options. These bands are loved by minimalists and people preferring an OTT look alike. So irrespective of your personality, you can never go wrong with choosing statement wedding bands as your engagement ring.

Engagement Rings with Large Colored Gemstones & Diamonds

Colored gemstone rings can never go out of fashion because of their rarity, versatility, and stunning looks. While precious gemstones like green emerald and pink sapphire are pretty popular among women, aqua gemstones are not far behind. It is why engagement rings with a large blue sapphire or tourmaline at the center, accentuated by brilliant-cut sparkling halo diamonds, are becoming the talk of the town among the brides-to-be. The luxe finish and royal vibes makes these rings all the more desirable and a preferred choice of many.

Vintage-inspired Diamond Rings

If modern designs don’t amaze you, check out some engagement diamond ring designs of the bygone eras. The intricate designs, sparkling finish, and the impressive craftsmanship made rings of earlier eras awe-inspiringly beautiful. If you love rings with similar details, start looking for diamond rings with a beaded metal pattern, elaborate halos, or other characters that give the rings an antique feel. As the market is full of diamond engagement rings with a vintage-setting and modern design, finding the perfect ring won’t be challenging.

Rose Cut Diamond Rings

Popular since the old eras, these rings are characterized by a flat bottom and a domed top. If you want to stick to the classics, these rings resembling a rosebud are perfect for you. The best part is you can find various options in this range, making it easier for you to get that “perfect” ring. If you want an exclusive rose-cut diamond ring, consider getting an available design customized to your preference.

If you want to play it safe, you can consider getting a classic solitaire ring. Visit here to get various modern, stunning, and classic solitaire ring designs, perfect for your upcoming engagement. You are sure to find a ring from this collection that exceeds your expectations.