The Growing Trend Virtual Cricket League


Sports enthusiasts all over the world never miss a game of their favourite sport. Be it cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, or any other sport, game lovers are always curious about the matches and love to watch it with their loved ones. The world has changed with various virtual sport games coming up and engaging the audience with the games of their interests. Several game-streaming apps and platforms allow players to play and earn reward points. It is a best experience to enjoy the virtual world of sports and get entertained by playing favourite sport games. 

These online sports platforms are secure and allow the users to earn while playing. Cricket is one such sport which is not a game it is an emotion, and cricket lovers can do anything but they won’t miss a match. With online fantasy cricket league, players can enjoy T20 matches, World Cup, and can participate in other matches. Playing fantasy cricket is a different experience with real players virtually creating their teams, scoring points, and earning rewards. Those who have cricket knowledge are benefitted the most and create teams with good players and can win matches. 

For people new to these platforms can play the matches for free in the initial stages and then can register themselves in any of the websites. Batsmen, bowler, wicket-keeper, and backup players can be created. For every player, a credit point is assigned to it, and similar to the real cricket team, the virtual team also has a captain and a vice-captain. Just in real life both the captain and the vice-captain has a major role to play, in virtual games the points earned by both of them creates a huge difference. 

The game points earned in the match not just depends on the performance of each player but also on the type of match played i.e., T20, world cup, test series, etc., also the number of times a player hits the boundary, and the economy rate. Playing these games on the online platform is legal with transparent transactions. The privacy policy in these games is as per the laws of the country and one must read all the instructions carefully before enrolling for any such games. 

To play the game, few simple steps have to be followed including:

  • Online registration on the website.
  • A match is selected and a team is created.
  • A team comprises of 11 players and a budget is chosen. 
  • Payment method is selected which can be credit card, debit card, net banking, and Paytm wallet.
  • The last step is the match itself, once the match is started, the team starts to earn the rewards.

The online platforms also allow to change the players after every round but once the match is started the fielding positions cannot be changed. For every score the captain receives 2 times the points and the vice-captain receives 1.5 times the point. A fixed budget is allotted for every match and no extra points would be given for the match. These platforms can be trusted with their services and their commitment to give fantasy cricket win real cash for the players. For every match won the amount is credited in to account instantly. The amount can be withdrawn any moment. These online platforms do not take the responsibility of loss in the match due to factors that are not in the hand of people such as technology error or infrastructure negligence. 

There are several benefits of playing virtual sports games and apart from earning money while just playing, one can earn by referring others. The money earned for every win can be withdrawn by directly linking the account with Paytm or Google pay. Winning match series is another source to earn Rs 100 every week with teams competing against each other and performing their best. These apps come up with weekly or monthly cashbacks and other promotions to entice people. These online game platforms ensure that multiple user accounts are not created by one user and every player using the app abides by the rules and regulations of the platform and do not violate the same. 

Not just fantasy sports these applications have other fun games online including sports quiz which can be played anywhere anytime. The rules are simple and easy, the faster one can answer, the more points will be scored. For every second saved one point is added to the scores. This is the best way to earn by playing matches and referring to friends. Today many people are playing this quiz in their free time for entertainment purposes and to earn. Daily, weekly and monthly tournaments are available for the users to use their knowledge and expertise while playing the quiz. This quiz can be played with multiplayer from other countries too and enjoy competing with others. 

These apps and online quiz games provide practice and cash contests. New users can take the practice contest to have an idea about the game and test their knowledge. Those who know the rules and regulations and are aware of point calculation can earn real cash prizes by playing fantasy cricket or hockey leagues. These cash contests can be big or small depending on the league and it’s the users wish to participate in any of the game. These fantasy games can be played privately in which the match can be joined with an invite code and can be played with friends and family.


Playing cricket requires a basic knowledge of the game and predicting what could happen in the course of the game. The Captain and the Vice-Captain are the driving forces, but along with them the players also determine the future of the match. Just the way every sport requires skill, knowledge, and judgement to play it, the outcomes of every game would depend on these factors. Online cricket leagues are the best way to enjoy playing the favourite sport and earning rewards as well at the same time.