The Basic Composition And Features Of An Online Examination System


Over the year the education system has evolved hugely with the advancement in technology. The introduction of an online examination platform has made the process of teaching and conducting examinations even more interactive. It has solved the issues related to time management and is considered to be a largely formalized part of the modern education system. The method of assessment has been reformed completely with the application of automated methodologies. The evaluation of papers has become extremely accurate and comprehensive as there is no rush. The mode of examination has not only helped the teachers but also the students and the candidates who are appearing for the tests.

Purpose of an online examination system: The online examination process is designed to conduct tests containing several functionalities and activities. It uses the features of an online examination software to substitute the use of traditional pen and paper tests. The overall process helps to reduce the reliance on manual efforts to complete the steps involved in any examination. Thus it is highly flexible and a cost-effective way of examining students who cannot afford to travel to different locations. The candidate must also have an external device such as a laptop or a mobile with a proper Internet connection to sit for this mode of examination comfortably.

Steps involved in an online test: The steps involved in an online test is similar to the offline mode involving pen and paper. The only difference is that the process is completely digitized and is executed through specially designed software. Here are some of the basic parts that complete the process of a test based on online mode.

  1. Setting up of the question paper: This is the most crucial step that needs to be executed carefully. The question paper must be created in such a way that it is highly interactive, structured, and easy to understand. A part of the paper must be divided into MCQs depending on the marks. Software libraries and documents can be utilized to select a variety of questions. If the paper setter wants to add more then the upload button must be clicked.
  2. Conduction of the test: When it comes to accommodating a large group of students within a single time slot, there are hardly any limitations present in the online software. The students can be managed easily by the invigilator through their onscreen video camera. The students can ask doubts and solve issues by using the microphone on their devices. The software also lets the invigilator categorize the students based on different groups and take their attendance.
  3. Proctoring method: The process of invigilation is extremely crucial as it defines the credibility of the system. Any kind of unfair means and discussion of answers should be caught immediately. There are special proctoring tools that help the software to analyze if any student is searching for answers through their browsers. Also, the identification of candidates is taken at the beginning by asking them to show their ID cards in front of the camera.
  4. Checking the answer sheets: Obviously, the most essential part of any examination is the result and outcome achieved by the students. The online system enables the paper checker to set and assign the particular criteria based on which the software can automatically correct the papers. Unlike the traditional method of paper checking, it is highly accurate and takes place within a fraction of seconds. The final results can be uploaded on the institution’s websites. The students must provide their identification details and password to check them.

How online platforms have simplified the task of organizing examinations?: Let us try to figure out the reasons behind the increasing demand and success rate of the online system of examinations:

  • Do not rely on distance: Due to the current phase of lockdown, online assessments have grown highly popular. It is the best medium for distance learning. All the educational institutions have turned their system online to cope up with the current situation as it has become impossible to predict future scenarios. Online assessment tools can successfully examine the students’ activity and progress in the field of education even in this adverse time. The only requirement is proper internet connectivity. Both the teachers and students have the advantage of mobility as they can give the exam from their convenient places at any time. Any geographical hindrances won’t affect the student is appearing for the test.
  • Much more interesting: Students these days no longer like to sit for the offline mode of examinations as they are extremely boring and time-consuming. It also requires a lot of effort and mental strain from their side. The young generation is technically adequate and likes to rely on online educational processes. Using an online platform gives them the benefit of utilizing the features of a virtual classroom. The question papers are also very challenging and motivate them to work harder in their academics. The variations of questions in the form of quizzes and surveys make it different from the normal system of examinations.
  • Data can be stored effectively with increased security: Online software gives teachers to save the data and question papers of multiple students on a secure platform. This reduces the space required to store such crucial and distributive information. The system makes sure to create a backup so that even if data loss occurs, it can be retrieved automatically without any further issue. In addition to this one of the most enjoyed benefits of online examination is the strong security they provide. It looks after the privacy of the exams and saves them from any wrongdoings. All the question papers are stored in the databases which act as a locker and can only be accessed by authorized people. So they are no scope of leaking of the question papers.

Conclusion: An online examination test not only provides the student an improved educational experience but also tracks their overall progress. Getting automated updates about examination dates and time schedules helps them to prepare for the upcoming test systematically.