St. Louis Truck Accidents: Causes and Legal Steps


In April 2023, a semi-truck collided with police cars, injuring three officers on the I-44 highway in St. Louis. The police later arrested the truck driver for driving while intoxicated. Luckily, no one died in this multiple-vehicle collision.

However, that was not the case in another three-vehicle collision near the Hamilton Heights neighborhood. A man lost his life, and several others were injured in this pickup truck accident. These unprecedented incidents can instill fear in drivers who regularly drive through the St. Louis highway and streets.

There are over 168.6 million commercial, private, and public trucks in America. And a significant amount of the nation’s cargo moves through the St. Louis highways due to the city’s centralized location.

Unfortunately, recent research indicates a 49% increase in fatal truck crashes. Usually, victims and their families take the legal route if they are involved in a St. Louis truck accident.

Do you live in St. Louis and own a car? In that case, you should learn about truck accidents and how to deal with them.

Why Do Truck Accidents Occur in St. Louis?

Studies show that truck accidents can occur due to various factors, including driver error, environmental conditions, and faulty mechanisms. In the context of St. Louis, truck drivers often get involved in accidents attributed to brake failure, driver fatigue, overloading, distracted driving, and alcohol abuse. As a result, these common types of crashes can occur:

  • Jackknife: This occurs when the truck driver loses control, causing the trailer to swing out and hit cars in adjacent lanes.
  • Rear-Ending: Truck drivers traveling at high speeds can rear-end other vehicles with significant force, leading to potential injuries and severe damage.
  • Roll Over: Overloading a truck can result in instability, causing the vehicle to roll over. It can lead to multi-vehicle collisions or explosions.
  • Wide Turns: Truck drivers may attempt to take sharp and wide turns, leading to a collision with other vehicles as it swings into traffic.

Truck drivers can also face tire blowouts and underride when driving. Some trucks have unsecured cargo, which can become a potential hazard on the road. As a result, pedestrians and innocent drivers suffer the consequences.

Why Should You Hire a St. Louis Lawyer?

You cannot solely rely on compensation from insurance companies for the damage caused. For instance, they might downplay the extent of your injury to reduce the insurance claims.

Moreover, Missouri is a state that follows the Comparative Negligence law. That means the judge will compare the fault of each party in the accident before passing the verdict.

Similarly, trucking corporations have influential power for you to singlehandedly stand up against them. Therefore, a St. Louis truck accident lawyer will protect you and guide you through the legal proceedings.

These attorneys can provide valuable advice and present the best legal options. With their help, you can get substantial claims from liable parties. They will also offer insight into the claim deadlines, the statute of limitations, and the required evidence.

This way, you can recover financial compensation for the damages caused. According to TorHoerman Law, St. Louis truck accident victims should follow these steps:

  • Care for your injuries and seek medical attention
  • Gather evidence about the crash
  • Hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit
  • Assess the damages and liability claims

When looking for a lawyer or law firm, you must analyze their experience, check testimonials, and review their success history. It will help you find individuals best suited for your case.

Who Is Liable for the Accident?

Determining liability for a St. Louis truck accident can become complicated without proper assistance. It will depend on the unique circumstances and the proof of the crash. As a result, more than one party may be held liable. The attorneys will assist in determining third-party involvement or individual liability for the accident.

Your lawyer will evaluate and investigate all details about the crash to establish liability for your case. Hence, working closely with the police will help with the process.

Usually, the responsible parties for a truck accident are:

  • Owner or owners of the truck
  • The person behind the wheel
  • Truck maintenance workers
  • The company that leases the truck
  • Individuals who loaded the truck

The liable party will depend on the type or extent of the St. Louis truck accident. In some cases, truck manufacturers can be responsible for defects. Once your lawyer identifies the responsible parties, they will work toward holding the liable parties accountable through legal routes.

Individuals responsible for any percentage of the accident are liable to compensate you. Consequently, you will receive the deserved justice and compensation.

The Bottom Line

According to Forbes, 2022 saw 1,040 deaths due to traffic crashes in Missouri. Among them, 173 fatalities occurred in St. Louis.

Being involved in a truck accident legally requires you to stop at the scene and call the police. If you are the victim of a truck accident in St. Louis, you need to file a claim for compensation within five years. An attorney will assist you through the process, allowing you to punish the ones accountable.