Simple Online Steps for Ordering Food While Travelling by Train


You may need to travel by train at different times for various purposes. If it is a long travel for more than 10 hours, you need to have your meals on the train. Now, healthy foods are served on the train, maintaining all hygienic aspects of cooking and serving the food items. So you can expect to enjoy your meals on the train, irrespective of the route of your tour. You will need to follow certain easy and quick steps to place the order online for food on train.

Need to book train ticket first

You need to have a valid train ticket for ordering meals on the train.  So first of all, you should book the ticket on a train on which you want to travel. When you finish the booking procedure, you need to provide the 10-digit PNR number that is generated on the e-booking of a train ticket on the website of IRCTC. You may also provide the train number on which you have booked a ticket on the online platform. This step is essential to get the information about the train route on which you are supposed to travel on the scheduled date.

Select the time and menu of your meal

You need to specify the time when you want to have your meal on the train. It is best to mention the station from the drop-down system, where you should be served the food. Then you have to choose the food items that you want for your lunch or dinner on the train. Different types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available on the menu of the train pantry. You need to customize this menu according to your taste, to get delicious foods in your ordered meal.

Select the mode of payment

You may pay the price of your ordered foods online by using your credit or debit card or the net banking facility. You can also opt for COD or Cash on Delivery mode, where you will pay the money after the foods are delivered before you on the train.

Now, you can download an app on your mobile for booking your meal on the train. This app verifies your meal order by sending you a message on your given mobile number. Then this app will send a notification to the restaurant or food service that is responsible for supplying foods on that specific train that you will be boarding. So you can expect to get the foods on your seat booked on the train, at the scheduled date and time. Usually, these professional catering services make sure to serve foods in a hygienically packaged manner. Since there are many passengers in a train compartment, the professionals dressed in definite uniforms make sure to deliver the right food order to every passenger, whoever has ordered online for food on train.

Thus, the professional behavior of catering service providers is the plus point that you enjoy while receiving your ordered foods. You will also love the awesome taste of foods served for your booked meal on the train.