Significance of Coding Interview Platform in Recruitment Process


Competition in every field has increased, finding a job these days is not a simple work to do. People have to come out from many hurdles to get a perfect job for themselves. Software engineers are regarded as companies’ actual treasure, but maintaining the business integrity requires working along with eligible candidates. So, the company needs the most proficient specialist, hence the HR experts face challenges in recruiting the qualified tech candidates. It is hard for most hiring specialists to figure out what needs to be drawn from a technological interview. Recruiters are prone to take one-to-one interview however through this interview one can only conclude a person’s temperament, point of view, and so on, which doesn’t provide the fact-checking of the coding expertise.

Most of the time the process of hiring candidates becomes very lengthy due to which hiring expertise failed to recruit apt candidates.  Mathematical quizzes are also part of the hiring process, through this one can know the rational thought of the candidate but cannot judge the coding capacity of the person. Taking into consideration the above points the only way by which one can intensify the enlisting procedure is through simplifying the examination system. With a more polished process like a coding interview platform, one can receive fruitful results.

The Requirements to Lead an Effective Interview

Here are the major requirements which can lead you to an effective interview:-

1.      Currently, as the competition in the field is extremely high many people send their CVs. From the provided list capable candidates are chosen by the means of examination modes. The knowledge of the person is first analyzed through the MCQs, where the related questions are given to the candidates. From here the deserving candidates go further and sit for the coding, which enables them to reflect the practical concerns. Scientific filters give way to more than the candidate’s elementary expertise. It displays their ground-level coding capabilities, coding understanding language skill, and many more. The procedure makes sure that the interview is time-saving, along with that it leads the company with the best in this particular field.

2.      Generally, the interview is addressed by hiring experts who evaluate the candidate’s abilities through Whiteboards. The interview initially starts with using whiteboards or paper for writing the formula or a factual code rather than an Integrated Development Environment or an editor. The candidate is supposed to solve the problem by applying the computer language. At times, the questions are easy in which the candidates are told to draw a circle or a grid using the formula. But sometimes the question gets tougher wherein the candidates face more than one programming language to observe how the candidates tackle complications. This type of interview takes place in person, hence the interviewers perceive the way the candidate handles the questions, converts the code into ordinary language, and solves it. The interviewer has an eye on every move of the candidate including the method a candidate explains a code, which can even last a day. With the rapid rise in the requirement of software engineers, this process of recruiting a candidate has taken a back seat.

How do Recruiters Grasp a Candidate’s Ability?

Let’s make it clear how recruiters grasp a candidate’s ability while an interview:-

●       The advanced interview tools help the head with information such as the candidate’s exceptional proficiency level, involvement level, techniques of solving the problems, and investigative reasoning.

●       The interviewers effectively conclude the candidate’s capability in coding, the complication of the code used, expertise in using features, named Code Editor, Auto-suggest, and so on.

●       Through the latest interview process, the interviewer can get an idea of the candidate’s ability. It will help in bringing the best talent of the applicant and finalize if he/she can be recruited for the job.

Live Coding Interview

Presently the market has become digital so as the selection of candidates. By the means of a live coding interview, one can virtually sit in the job-seeking process by simple steps like sharing screen, sound, and video of the device being used. All the required data are saved online and the recruiters can take a close look at the candidates appearing for the live coding interview. The benefits of using a live coding interview system to hire the candidates are that the experts who recruit the candidate can silently keep a check on the candidate’s action. They can easily judge the capability of the candidate online and furthermore choose the appropriate candidate for the job. The process is time efficient and it is easier for the applicant, moreover the best gem can be selected with just a glimpse of the eye.

●       The first and foremost step is to fill the grade of the candidate, where the interviewers have set certain related questions through which the candidates come to know whether they are capable or not.

●       Secondly, the candidate is free to choose the relevant date, timing, place, language and many more features are provided. One can even set the auto alarm through recording and email for the exam date.

●       Due to the use of the latest technology in the process, the program works in the desired systematic way, based on the data and handy for both the candidates and the recruiters.

●       The last step is the experts can check the result and data of the candidate from several modes provided.

In the current scenario, it’s extremely tough for the candidate to find the perfect job for themselves, but with the modern facilities provided, one can apply for the preferred job. Now we all have come to know that coding interview platforms or online coding interview tools are some focus areas for the recruiters. These tools facilitate hiring authorities to take interviews and communicate with the candidates in actual time. Such a step will reinforce the recruitment plan not just now but also after the balance is recovered, denying any unexpected interruptions.