Remotely Listen To Pc Microphone:OgyMogy Feature That A High School Bully Would Be Afraid Ofx


I have been observing some strange behavior of my teen since our state went on to lockdown. Ofcourse, it was hard for all of us.But it was especially a difficult time for the teens. He had plans to visit his grandparents in another state.He was planning for months and was so happy that finally, he will be able to spend some time with his grandparents. But who would have known that the whole country will be locked down,and the flight will be canceled we would not even be able to freely goto the grocery store?

At first, it was hard.We saw him going through all the stages of denial and he was just stuck in the state of frustration and utter madness in the last period of days. The schools were open for some days and we got complaints about how he got in to fight with his classmates and how he is showing extreme behavior issues. We were so much stressed. The most frustrating thing was on confrontation he denied every single thing and just complained that it was the other party’s fault and he is sane.

Things were already so much out of control so before it got more serious we decided to get a parental control app for him and we got the OgyMogy spy app. Along with any other feature, the best one that we needed at that time was the mic bug feature. They offer remotely listen to pc microphone and android version as well. So we got the package and the plan was to know how bad is his condition. Turned out it was far worse than we could have ever imagined.

Things become worst as the school was closed again and the whole study thing was shifted to online classes.That’s when the feature played its role more significantly.

It’s been a while since we have been using this app and it has been a roller coaster ride. This feature helped us out so much in finding out the triggering agents and helped us to get professional help for our kid. Moreover want somtheing more just tell the kid that you have been monitored and listened and he will get his attitude straight.

Here Is The Detail Of The Feature:

How It Works:

This feature bugs the mic of the target device. Whether it’s a Pc or an android or cellphone. Thus any kind of sound or voice delivered around the target device will be delivered and reported to the user right away.

Get To Know About their Online Classes:

Use this feature to know about the online class schedule of the teen. Check out his participation in different subject lectures and know if he is attentively attending all the classes or not. Ofcourse, the participants will be judged in the form of queries asked by the teacher or random answers to the popup quiz from the teachers.

Know If They Use Abusive Language During Online Games:

Certain games offer collaborative missions where one can communicate with other game participants as well. Use the mic bug feature to listen to your teen during games and passionate and sensitive moments and find out if he or she uses any foul or abusive language for other game participants or friends.

Know About Their Mental State Through The Video Calls:

We got to know through his frequent video calls to the grandparents that he miss them the most and how much that trip was important for him. Use the feature to know about their mental state by listening to their audio or video calls.

The remotely listen to Pc microphone feature of the Ogy Mogy android monitoring app can also be used in work-life as well. Moreover, much other parental control and employee monitoring features can make this stressful and distressing time a little easier. The features are offered in the set form. So just select your desired features package and keep an eye on your teen’s mental state. The pandemic has hit differently to every people. So make sure you must have a strict but caring eye on the teenager of the house through this difficult time.