Make A Boring Part Of Your Home Your Favourite Space With These Brilliant Home Decor Ideas!


Decorating your home can be a calming and fun thing to do. Especially if you’re moving into a new place. Your space should reflect your personal style. But often it happens that there are parts of a house that we just can’t seem to decorate properly. A corner in a bedroom or study room, or even a spare small room which is drab and boring and has been left uselessly. Well, now is the time to change things up. These small corners can be turned into a place that you love to spend some time in. And all this can be done with just some effort.

It does go without saying, even if you dress up a boring part of your home you still need to keep it clean. We all have busy lives, it can be difficult to fit it in, so the best thing to do is do a room at a time, in the same way you’ve likely decorated your home. An alternative would be to contact a company offering the best Austin maid service (or another elsewhere more relevant) in order to have your whole house cleaned regularly in a thorough manner. This will keep your revamped and refreshed space looking clean, just as you envisioned when you decorated it.

· Eye-Catching Decor-

The first thing you have to change about a boring space is how it looks. You might not like that particular area because it’s not decorated according to your aesthetic. To combat this, you can put on some new wallpaper which you can put on yourself. You can also paint some patterns or designs on the wall. Hang on some art that you like or you’ve made at home. You can also stick pictures or posters. If you love reading, you can put it on shelves and use this as your reading space. The primary goal is to reflect whatever you like in this space so that you would want to come back to it and actually utilize it.

· Furniture-

You also have to make sure that you atleast have a comfortable seating area in this space. You can place a small couch, some chairs or bean bags, whatever you prefer. If you have space, you can put in a sofa-come-bed so that you can use this place as an extra bedroom if you have guests over. But make sure it’s comfortable and interesting. If your choice of furniture is neutral or muted, you should get cushion covers that are bright and loud to add some spice to the area. 

· Bring the outside in-

Make sure the area is open. If you have a window anywhere near, use white curtains on them so light streams in all the time. There is no need to close off an area and keep them dark if you don’t use them for sleeping. Get some plants that you will be able to take care of and use as your decor pieces. It’s important to bring influences of nature inside your home so that it freshens you up. This space would soon become a rejuvenation zone where you go to lift up your moods.

· Lighting-

How you’re feeling mentally depends on the lighting of any space. In the morning the white curtains will keep your room bright but for the night, make sure to use bright lights. You can get many interesting and modern lighting choices online and in stores. You should definitely have a ceiling light for overall lighting in the room. Additionally, you can put on fairy lights or LED strip lights for decoration. You can also get modern chandeliers or standing lamps.

By following these easy steps you can turn these boring and useless spaces of your house into a corner that would quickly become your favorite