Kasol Sar Pass Trekking Experience


Sar pass Trek

Traveling to the Himalayas in India is a lifelong experience and a combination of fun and self-awareness! Not only will you discover some beautiful scenery, but you will also discover the beauty of the beautiful Himalayas! Just remember that it is not about the mountain we are conquering, but ourselves. The whole mountain is accessible as long as you keep walking toward it. If your love begins with self-sacrifice and walking then this is the best way to get out of all that pressure of noisy cities. Take an adventure trip to Sar Pass, a place that offers eternal beauty, peace and relaxation.

Take a glimpse of the fascinating vistas of Kasol and start walking towards Grahan Village in the lush forest! The next day, the descent to the forest will take you to the Nagaru Campsite. The thrilling views of the Parvati Valley will leave you breathless. A trip the next morning on Biscuit Thatch will take you to the magical world of Sar!

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Detailed tour of the Sar Pass Trek:

Day 01: Getting used to Kasol (1580m)

Kasol Test, Guidance Session

Arrive at Kasol Base Camp alone and meet our team. This day is about getting used to it. Get out and explore this beautiful Himalayn city. During the administration time you will be given instructions on packing the ruck, the walking / hiking process and general information about the route. Overnight stay at Kasol.

Day 02: Kasol goes to Grahan Village (2347m)

Distance / Long Time – 7km / 4-5 Hours

Distance – Easy

You will wake up with the view of beautiful Himalayan sunrise at the Base Camp. Have breakfast and start your fun Sar pass journey! The easy way to the Grahan valley, often used by the locals, will take you through the pine forests. In a few hours you will be able to cover as much distance as the trail is easy to ride. After reaching Grahan Nahal, the trail becomes rocky and steep. Local people say that Rhododendron’s leaves can be eaten whole and the syrup can be mixed with water to make a refreshing drink. You can definitely try that in the Himalayas! An hour’s drive will take you to your destination in a day. Arrive at Grahan Village in the evening and refresh. Eat your supper and spend the night in the camps.

Day 03: Grahan Village goes to Min Thatch (11,150ft)

Distance / Long Time – 5km / 4-5 Hours

Distance – Easy

Start your journey north of the camp at Grahan. You will be hit in many places along the way using the Min Thatch route. After walking a short distance, you will see Min Thatch top, Nagaru top and Sar high in the mountains. Remember to stay with your group here as the trail becomes longer and less confusing. Pass through the green forest and reach Min Thatch. Announce the extension of Chandkhani and many other distances from the camp in Min Thatch. Eat your dinner and stay overnight at the camps.

Day 04: Min Thatch to Nagaru (3810m)

Distance / Long Time – 2km / 4-5 Hours

Distance – Medium

Have your breakfast and walk through the snow-covered pastoral forest from Min Thatch to Nagaru. You will have to be careful on this route as there are steep slopes and the snow will make the journey difficult here. After a grueling 4-5-hour journey, you will finally reach the Nagaru camp. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beautiful mountains across the valley of Parvati. See the flickering lights of Manikaran city as night falls. It is very cold in the evening. Stay overnight in the camp.

Day 05: Nagaru to Biskeri Thatch (3353m) via Sar Pass

Distance / Long Time – 6.5km / 6-8 Hours

Distance – Medium

Get up early and start your journey. Climb the snow trails and admire the glorious peaks of Tosh Valley. After climbing a few hours, you will reach the top of the Sar Pass at the top (4222m). An exciting view from the top of the Sar Pass will leave you in awe! Spend some time capturing the beauty of the place. Later, head down to Bisker and enjoy a natural slide down the valley. The descent slide is about half a mile long and will give you an exciting adventure. Walk for an hour and cross some magical streams to reach Biskeri Thatch camp in the evening. Relax and have dinner. Stay overnight at Biskeri Thatch camp.

Day 06: Biskeri Thatch goes to Kasol via Barshaini

Distance / Long – 5km Trek (4 Hours), 16km Drive (45 Minutes)

Distance – Easy

See beautiful views of high mountains and pine forests from Bisker Thatch! Start down the steep forest, cross the river, and reach the Pulga. The twin villages of Pulga and Tulga are separated by a stream. Cross the bridge over the Parvati River to reach the Barshaini Village. Your car will be waiting for you there to take you to Kasol. Your amazing journey through Sar ends here.

Best Time to visit:

The best time to travel to Sar Pass is from April to June. At the beginning of the season, the amount of snow on the ground and even on the road is much higher than the last half of the season.

Level of travel intensity:

The Sar Pass Trek balances and having the right level of durability is important. The average number of hours spent on foot can be 6 to 7 and the route is less technical so anyone with little or no knowledge can make the trip. Although, beginners are advised to prepare for a few weeks to get a basic level of strength.

Climatic conditions:

The weather, during the day, is always very pleasant in the open season but very cold in the evening and very early in the morning.