Is A Phone Tracker Good For Your Kids To Stop Bullying


Kids must have access to the digital devices for personal concerns and make them attached. The attachment with online devices is good or sometimes bad for a kid’s upbringing. The use of the internet and social media continue to involve the kid’s life and affect their online safety.

Almost everyone has access to social media for so many concerns but when kids approach with internet so they face many issues that they didn’t understand. Children use social media and face cyber bullying and online threats. The online bullies target kid by online communication and take benefit of their innocence. When they use internet technology increase more chances to face online harassments and social media threat, abuse by online bullies.

But the parents are always worried about the kid’s online activities and want to safe from any online harassment or threat. We are here also discussing how phone tracker can help parents.

Online bullies and kids safety

Cyber bullying is an online threat by text messages, email, or social media posts. It includes harassed someone, threatens, embarrassed the targeted person. It usually uses by digital devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Cyber bullying may affect the kid’s online psychological health like depression, anxiety, and other mental stress.

Most kids didn’t tell to their parents what they face and what happened to them. They feel fear and scare from all these.

  The usage of digital devices at a young age when kids immature and didn’t know the consequences of all of these are the cause of some serious trouble which they can’t handle.

Sings of Cyber bullying

  • The emotionally upset person then uses the internet.
  • Spend much time with chat room & online activities.
  • A person ignored by family and parents.
  • Avoid friends gathering and use the online method.
  • Suddenly hide social accounts and online activities.

The effects of cyber bullying on kids

As we know Kids face online threat almost 32% of kids face cyber bullying while using the internet and mobile phones.

The excessive use of digital devices may involve the kids in some serious trouble which they can’t understand.

Kids face several problems while the use of cell phone and the internet

Emotional effects

Cyber bullying occurs online and online bullies feel it’s the permanent place to harassed someone and feel embarrassed. Online bullies damage the kids emotionally like humilities, isolation, anger, low self-esteem, or powerlessness.

Mental effects

As a victim of cyber bullying may involve the kids in some serious mental issues. Online threats and problems may be risky for their psychological health. It includes depression, anxiety, academic issues, and suicide thoughts, and self-harm.

Behavioral effects

The kids who face bullying are changed the behavior of kids and they suddenly change behavior and are involved in some unwanted habits even they using alcohol or drugs, carry real weapons with them, and leave the studies.

Physical effects

While crushing with cyber bullying increases the chances to affect physical health because kids didn’t understand that how to control the situation of doing some unusual things like overeating or sleep disturbance.

How can parents stop bullies and save their kids?

As we already mention the side effects of the excessive use of cell phones and digital devices. Being a part of the online world leads the kids to some serious troubles and harassment which can be the cause of the kid’s destroys kid’s habits and health.

Parents should use the cell phone tracker to know all about kid’s online activities.

Use the cell phone tracker

TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app is the best choice to track the kid’s online activities and know all about the kid’s cell phone. It helps to know all about the kid’s digital devices and protect them from online bullies and harassment. It helps parents to save the kids from any online dangers.

Features to protect kids from cyber bullying

Social Messaging app

Through the use of mobile tracker parents easily access the all of social accounts of their kids include Snapchat, Facebook, telegram, Skype, Whatsapp, and Line, etc.

Controlled all installed apps

Through this application parents secretly spy the all installed apps of their kid’s cell phones.  If kids approach any harmful app so parents easily know and protect them from it.

Track the SMS

Through a tracker, parents can monitor all send and received text messages and SMS of the target cell phone.


The cell phone tracking software helps parents to know all about the kid’s online activities and their online activities.