Everything to know about Hollywood web series 13 reasons why


To make your boring day interest in the pandemic, you need to have entertainment. There are a vast number of streaming platforms that you can use for having non-stop entertainment. Some of them are Netflix, MX Player, etc. These are the streaming platforms that will let you enjoy every movie, web series, show, etc. just by sitting at home only. One of the best series that you can watch is 13 reasons why. To know everything about 13 reasons why and its index of 13 reasons why you need to read this article.

What are 13 reasons why?

13 reasons why is one of the best web series from Hollywood. This is a story based on the books by Jay Asher. There is a teenage boy is known as Clay Jensen, who when comes back home from school finds something shocking. He sees that there is a box lying on the floor of his balcony. This is a mysterious box, first of all, he is shock and does not go to open it but after some time he goes near and that and open it.

after opening the box, the teenage boy finds that there is a group of tapes inside it. All these tapes were recorded by Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen’s classmate, and the crush of him who just died two weeks before. Listening to all those tapes an emotional audio diary and these are the tapes that unfold about the 13 reasons why his crush committed suicide. This is a heartbreaking story that leads to confusion and fear. However, to know about the full plot of this web series you need to have a Netflix subscription and watch it from there.

How many total seasons are there for 13 reasons why?

There are around three seasons of this web series 13 reasons why and all of the three seasons are having a total of 13 episodes. Yes, all the seasons have 13 episodes each and this means that for knowing about the full story you need to watch 39 episodes. To know about the proper index of series 13 reasons why season 2, you will have to look down below.

Index of 13 reasons why season 1–

1- Tape 1, Side A

2- Tape 1, Side B

3- Tape 2, Side A

4- Tape 2, Side B

5- Tape 3, Side A

6- Tape 3, Side B

7- Tape 4, Side A

8- Tape 4, Side B

9- Tape 5, Side A

10- Tape 5, Side B

11- Tape 6, Side A

12- Tape 6, Side B

13- Tape 7, Side A

Index of 13 reasons why season 2–

1- The first Polaroid

2- Two Girls Kissing

3- The Drunk Slut

4- The second Polaroid

5- The Chalk Machine

6- The smile at the end of Dock

7- The third Polaroid

8- The Little Girl

9- The Missing Page

10- SSmile, Bitches

11- Bryce and Chloe

12- The Box of Polaroids

13- Bye

Index of 13 reasons why season 3–

1- Yeah. I’m the New Girl

2- If You’re Breathing, You’re a liar

3- The Good Person Is Indistinguishable From the Bad

4- Angry, Young and Man

5- Nobody’s Clean

6- You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves

7-  There Are a Number of Problems With Clay Jensen

8- In High School, Even on a Good Day, It’s Hard to Tell Who’s on Your Side

9- Always Waiting for the Next Bad News

10- The World Closing In

11- There Are a Few Things I Haven’t Told You

12- And Then the Hurricane Hit

13- Let the Dead Bury the Dead

Therefore, this is all that you need to know about the web series and an index of 13 reason why. Hence, stay connected to read more exciting articles like this.