Eight Foods That You Must Eat During Your Pregnancy


While you are pregnant, you will be flooded with tips and advice, especially if it is your first baby. There will be women, grandmas, and your mom telling you what to eat and what not to eat. Well, regardless of everything, it is undeniable that while you are pregnant, you are taking care of two people – yourself and the baby.

However, that, in no way, means eating for the two. Instead, it means consuming a healthy and nutritious diet that can support your health and your child’s health. So, here, we will give you a quick round-up of all the foods you must eat during your pregnancy.

Let us get started and address these pregnancy superfoods that are great for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

Dairy products

‘While you are pregnant, you must increase your daily intake of calcium and protein. This is vital to cater to the growing needs of the child inside you. Some of the dairy products that you must always have handy include yogurt, cheese, and milk,’ advises June, an online reviewer who did the review for the best mens eyebrow trimmer. 

Dairy has two kinds of top-quality protein – whey and casein. It is also an excellent source of phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and B vitamins. Further, yogurt, particularly Greek Yogurt, has greater calcium content than other dairy products.

These can be particularly beneficial for your health. Some of the variants may also have probiotic bacteria, which is excellent for your gut health.

However, though they may not be able to consume dairy, lactose-intolerant women will still be able to consume yogurt, particularly the probiotic variant. However, before you include it in your diet, you must speak to your doctor.


Legumes comprise soybeans, peas, peanuts, lentils, chickpeas, and beans. They are plant sources and are rich in iron, calcium, folate, fiber, and protein. All of these nutrients are pivotal for a pregnant woman.

For example, consuming adequate folate in your diet ensures that your baby will be healthy and guarded against all infections and diseases in the future.

Fruits and vegetables

‘Pregnant women must consume a minimum of five portions of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Further, it is important to include foods and vegetables in an array of colors. Finally, you can pick all kinds of fruits and vegetables – canned, dried, frozen, and fresh,’ points out Maria, an online reviewer who did the best spinning reels under 100 reviews.

Fruits and vegetables have a good fiber content in them. Therefore, they can help relieve constipation, which is the most prevalent issue that pregnant women deal with. When shopping for canned fruits and vegetables, pick ones that do not contain added salt or sugar.

If you do not enjoy cooked vegetables, you can consume raw vegetables, such as peppers and carrots. You can even pick sweeter alternatives like sweet corns to your diet. Add blended or chopped vegetables into stews and sauced made of tinned tomatoes. If you do it right, you won’t even notice the presence of the vegetable and still get the nutrition your body needs. Also remember that vegetables are crucial for your baby after birth. For this, you can start considering baby puffs like these from Serenity Kids when your baby starts on solid foods.

Whole grains

To ensure that you do not feel exhausted during your pregnancy and give your body the right energy boost, you need to add whole grains to your diet. These contain carbohydrates and give your body the energy it needs.

Moreover, whole grains can also curb the symptoms, such as nausea that you may experience in the early trimester. Whole grains are also an excellent source of B Vitamins, fiber, minerals, and iron. Depending on your dietary needs and body weight, you must consume at least six to eleven ounces of grains and bread every day.

Some of the whole grains you can add to your diet include barley, quinoa, whole-grain bread, oats, brown rice, and farro.

Poultry, meat, and fish

During pregnancy, you need to feed your body the right food needed for the baby’s proper growth. Some of the protein sources that you can include in your diet include meat (do not eat liver), eggs, fish (avoid fish with a high mercury content, such as flake, shark, swordfish, or broadbill), and poultry.

‘Pregnant women must have some poultry item in their diet every day. However, it is best recommended to add lean meats to your diet. For this, you can remove the poultry skin and cook with only a little fat,’ states Raina, an online reviewer who did the best composting toilet for tiny house review.

Further, ensure that the sausages, pork, poultry, eggs, or the burgers you eat are properly cooked. Ensure that no pink meat is present in it. The juices, too, must not contain red or pink meat. Lastly, you must consume a minimum of two portions of oily fish, such as mackerel and sardines, in your diet every week.


Nuts are non-perishable and very easily portable. These can be your perfect go-to snack anytime you are hungry. They are a rich source of healthy fats and proteins. Some of the nuts that you can include in your diet are walnuts, almonds, and peanuts.

If you do not enjoy nuts, you can also find nut butter in the market to eat with your toast. Do not forget to pick only the unflavoured and unsweetened variants.


Avocado is a green, creamy fruit. It is a rich source of Vitamin B6 and folate. Both of them promote brain growth and ensure healthy tissue growth for the baby. Further, in pregnant moms too, avocado can ease morning sickness.

Avocadoes are also a great source of healthy fats. This enables the body to absorb the vitamins present in fruits and vegetables better. Moreover, the high-fat content in the avocado can help you stay fuller for longer. Consequently, you will not feel hungry for longer.

‘I mash my avocadoes and use it as a spread on my sandwiches and bread. You can also add it to your salad if desired,’ states Riya, an online educator who offers online poetry classes.


Broccoli contains several vital nutrients essential for a healthy pregnancy, such as fiber, folate, and calcium. Moreover, broccoli also contains antioxidants that have excellent disease-fighting abilities. Also, the presence of Vitamin C in the broccoli only makes it a more desirable pick. This popular green vegetable can enable the body to absorb iron.

So, you can eat it along with iron-rich foods, such as brown rice or wheat pasta. Click here to complete the gender predictor quiz.