Benefits of Using a CMR Filling Tool in Place of a Free CMR Generator


For a long time, the CMR waybill was filled on traditional paper. This was the norm until the eCMR protocol was added to the CMR Convention in 2008. The eCMR protocol allowed concerned parties to complete the CMR waybill using digital or electrical means. 

Thanks to the eCMR protocol, there are now faster and more efficient ways to fill in the CMR waybill, using a free CMR generator or a CMR filling tool, to name a few. But which of these two digital tools is better?

CMR Filling Tool Versus Free CMR Generator

In this post, we will compare the CMR filling tool and the free CMR generator. We will then show you why the CMR filling tool is the better option. 

Free CMR Generator

A free CMR generator is, as you might expect, better than paper CMR waybills. This tool is accessible online as a CMR note template. To use it, simply search for the free generator online and then key in all essential information. Once complete, the CMR generator will avail your document in four copies as required by the CMR Convention protocol. You can then download and obtain the copies in PDF format. 

Using this tool to fill in your CMR means you won’t have to fill out all three or four copies. Your chances of making errors are also low since you only need to fill out the information once. The only disadvantage of the free CMR generator is it doesn’t support e-signatures. You have to print the document to sign it. 

CMR Filling Tool

A CMR filling tool contains all features available on the free CMR generator and more. This tool brings all concerned parties together by allowing them to access, fill and sign the CMR document from one central database. Each party can also track the activities happening on the document in real-time. 

With a CMR filling tool, you won’t have to download your CMR waybills. Just store them on the cloud and share them with your team and authorized personnel. You can also import data from external sources and sign electrically or generate e-signatures from your computer. 


Having a digital CMR means you don’t have to deal with paperwork. It means you can fill in your CMR waybill more accurately within minutes since you only have to fill in one copy. 

A CMR filling tool offers more features and functionality than a free CMR generator. This tool allows you to store CMR documents in the cloud and share them with concerned parties. Each party can access and fill out the document from one central database.