5 Natural Remedies To Cure Cough


As the season change, many people face the problem of allergy. People generally have problems like fever, cough, and cold. Though this is not a big problem, it still makes your body very weak. A person with a good immune system generally has less effect. But the one who has a weak immune system sometimes has to face little difficulty to cure it.

Cough is one of the problems that are quite irritating. It’s normal when people have a cough while speaking. But if one has a continuous cough it can be problematic in the future. So, try to cure it as soon as possible. You can cure cough with natural remedies. Otherwise, there is much syrup available Torex syrup is quite effective.

So, let’s discuss some of the natural remedies that help to cure cough. So that you can avoid going to the doctor.

  • Honey is determined as one of the best remedies to deal with cough. Honey has so many properties that help to cure the problem of cough. But we should not give honey to children below 1 year of age. You can have honey with warm water or you can even add it to your tea. You can even have it directly also. If you have the problem of coughing then you can take it once or twice a day.
  • Ginger is also considered an effective remedy to cure cough. You can use ginger in your day-to-day life by adding it to your tea. As it adds a good amount of taste to your tea. But let’s discuss how it can be used to cure cough. You can cure cough by adding ginger in boiling water. Boil the water till it tastes properly come in the water. If you don’t like the taste you can add honey to it. You can also consume it as a capsule with water.
  • One of the most popular and easy methods to treat coughing is doing gargles. If you are facing the problem of dry cough try doing gargle twice or thrice a day by adding salt in it. It is effective as it kills the bacteria that irritate your throat. Do gargles with warm water by adding one spoon of salt in it. It will help you end the irritation you feel.
  • It is felt that to treat the problem of dry cough turmeric is a good option. Turmeric has many properties that help to deal with many diseases. It is considered an effective remedy. You can mix turmeric in many things to change its taste. As it can be easier to drink. You can mix it with any type of beverage or you can even make tea with it. Ayurveda has believed that turmeric is very good medicine.
  • This is one of the most common and effective methods. It is mainly used to cure the wet cough. You can steam with hot water or bathe in hot water and stay there for a few minutes. There is another method of taking steam. Take a bowl with hot warm water. Then cover your face with a towel and keep your face close to the bowl.

So, these are some of the natural remedies that are useful to cure the problem of cough. If you don’t want to go with any natural remedy. Then there is a lot of syrup available in the market. But the best and most effective available in the market is Torex cough syrup.